Visa to China

 We can help you to get your visa to China. For one-time use visa you need such documents:  

Invitation in Chinese language from Chinese company which invites you. On invitation should be provided full names of people who were invited, their passport numbers and stamp of company inviting.

Passport valid at least 6 months from the day you gave it to Consular Department

Current photography of your face (from front) in size  3,5 cm x 4,5 cm

Filled Visa Form

Xero/ scan of your flight tickets to and back from China, confirmation of booked hotels (for whole stay)


All of documents you should send to our office in Warsaw:

ul. Śniadeckich 21/2, 00-654 Warszawa



Consular payment in normal mode– 260 zł, 4 working days of Consular Department

Consular payment in express mode - 370 zł. 3 workin days of Consular Department 


Our visa mediation prices:


Special offer:

to 5 people 150 zł/ person

Over 5 people 100 zł/ person


We send back all documents at our expense.


Important informations:

Consular Department working days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Documents are submit in Consular Departmend in the closest consular day after we get all documents in our office in Warsaw.  

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