Poland Selina International Business Company was founded in June 2007 and headquartered in Warsaw. The company aims to promote and develop business and cultural exchanges between China and Poland, as well as the whole of central and Eastern Europe. As a professional Exchange Promotion Organization, Poland Selina International Business Company and its subsidiaries have extensive experience and have considerable reputation in government agencies and many business companies in China and Eastern Europe.Poland Selina International Business Company provides professional and international services for Chinese individuals and government groups to business visit, scientific investigation, attract investment, join an exhibition, cultural exchange and meeting received at all levels in Poland. For a full range to meet the different needs of personages from all circles, we have already worked with the Poland government departments, well-known enterprises and institutions, the major international airlines, various hotels, insurance companies, transportation companies and exhibition companies have established a good and stable partnership. At the same time, we with relevant institutions and organization in the neighboring countries of Poland has a long-term cooperation channel.

Poland Selina International Business Company is a professional company dealing with official and business visits in Poland and Eastern Europe from China. Since its inception, we have received the government agency, official delegation, business visits or training missions from China and we enjoy a good reputation in the industry.Our team members are Chinese people who have lived in Poland for many years and Polish people who know much about the two counties culture. And they all have higher education and good personal qualities.

Deep understanding of the state of Poland and The diverse channels of cooperation
Rich industry experience and Professional background
Rigorous work attitude and Good cooperation

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